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Chairman Message

The past few days witnessed unprecedented optimism as the election results unfolded and the BJP emerged victorious with the highest number of seats won by any single party in the three decades. The people delivered their verdict. They have voted for a coherent and steady government. The government’s commitment to erode malpractices was witnessed by all of us and with potential kingmakers have been cut to size, this time around the Government formed at the Centre is expected to take further bold decisions without fear of any browbeating by any of its constituents.

With the stock market sky-rocketing, there is an all-round optimism in the air. It is sincerely hoped that this optimism puts India back onto a sustained growth trajectory. We can definitely look forward to the NDA getting down to finish its unfinished agenda and take forward its bold proposals, which had hit the roadblock earlier by some of its constituents in the last Government. We can also expect the implementation of the second generation of economic reforms which would give a great impetus to the economy. We as professionals will also have to gear up and rise to the occasion. There would be more opportunities and fresh challenges. As partners in nation-building, we can ensure to take India to greater heights.

We are happy to announce that we successfully deliver our first batch of publications to our members at a very discounted rate in association with Taxmann Publications, official Knowledge Partner of our Jhansi Branch. Since inception, Jhansi Branch has been committed to continuously strive for the professional enrichment of not only our members but also our students and articles who are in fact are real hands.

The journey towards professional fineness will continue unflinchingly. We shall continue
“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

With Warm Regards

CA Harish Gupta